Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bonfire Night

Oh what a night, we had a Bonfire Party last night but gosh was it windy and then came the rain. Such a shame as we were looking forward to it but we did manage to have our fireworks before the rain started so thats good. It took forever to get warm after but a nice hot shower and a big cuddly dressing gown came to the rescue, shame as the fire was blazing just too wet to stand and enjoy it.
The colours in that fire were amazing, blues greens and oranges they would have made some great cards, maybe I will use them next year. I need a better camera as I couldn't get any shots of the fireworks themselves they are so hard to capture on film and would also have made great cards.
I made some Spicy Parsnip Soup and Hotdogs to feed the party and a few Toffee Apples for the children. We had a good night just a shame the weather let us down.

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