Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am posting most of these on my Trimcraft Blog and Gallery

I would like to set up a swap here so if anyone is interested please contact me


Monday, January 19, 2009

Award to Jane

Please add this to your Blog. I am giving it to you for your kindness please pass it on to others who make you happy

Foray into ATC's

I am fascinated by these mini works of art and a huge fan of Tim Holtz, fit and talented what more can you ask!!

Today I had a go at these little gems. I raided my boxes and drawers and found a multitude of bits and pieces that lend themselves to ATC art. I already had lots of Distress Ink pads so that was a help I like the Tim Holtz ones as they give you time to blend the colours. I cut some Glossy A3 cardstock into pieces as that is good for ink blending the shiny surface works well but you do have to allow a little extra time for drying.

(Click to enlarge)

I recently got some new stamps from Crafty Individuals and had some others already, I am very into nature stamps, trees, and leaves especially. I made 3 sets of cards today. The photo's are not very good as the light is bad so might try to update them in daylight.

Butterfly Series (available)

Journey (available)

Woodland (these now swapped)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going Star Crazy

This weather is driving me mad I am so sick of being inside, great for crafting but I have so much I need to do outdoors the garden looks a mess its making me Stir crazy (get the joke in the title here!!) sorry its my weird sense of humour.

Anyway I needed a place for some of the pictures of Noah at Christmas and on his birthday so these Starbooks are just the job. I get mainly 4" x 6" prints which I then trim down so cutting a 12" x 12" sheet into 3 12" x 4" strips makes a good size for those pictures. For a 6 star book you need 2 sheets of acetate, 2 plain and 2 patt paper). The last album I made with 12 star points so double the papers. I used Nanna Nursery but its very good paper/card stock so it made it a bit thick if I do one again I will use a thinner paper.

These Starbooks are not for hanging like most are they are more for table display use as the do tend to get heavy once the photo's have been added. I mainly put the ribbons on to cover the ends as the white core didn't look so nice, I think I will ink these ends in future. I got a great plain tin with cheese biscuits in at Christmas and its just the right size so I will decorate that to keep them in.

The first one is for Christmas Day pics, Its Papermania paper and pattern acetate and Basic Grey cardstock. I wondered if acetate would work for these and its not too bad. I used Glossy Accents as the glue fix one end of the acetate for each part of the star and by the time you get to the last one the first is dry ready to stick the other ends down. It doesn't seem to show through the acetate either where DS tape does. I used a plain design behind the patterned acetate and vice versa. I used the bits left behind as decorations for the covers ( fixed with glossy accents again)

This one is Papermania again much thinner papers for my Boxing Day photo's. I used Tim Holtz Grunge Board shapes inked and glittered then put Glossy Accents on for the star decorations on the cover

Lastly Nanna's Nursery for Noah's birthday shots, this is a 12 point star and it is far too thick really using this cardstock. The ribbons do a good job to cover the ugly white ends :-(

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Birthday Flag Book

I made this today for my Mum, Great Granny to Noah. I love these flag books they are such fun. I had lots of pictures of Noah enjoying his birthday tea and they made a great collection for this. He had a great time and tried a bit of everything mostly mixed together!! not sure about sausages mixed with Strawberry jelly but he seemed to enjoy it as you can tell by his face. He thought it was hilarious to throw some at his dog but being a Labrador she just cleared up for me, thanks Satori. I didn't do a very good job of filling him up though as we caught him later eating the soap from the bathroom :-(
I cut the tags 18 at 5 1/4 x 3 3/4 and the cover is 2 pieces 11 1/2 x 5 3/4. I printed the photos 4 to a sheet on A4 which made then the right size. I usually do these 16 to a sheet but they are a bit small and my mums eyes are not what they were. You could put photo's both side if you wanted to but I just did one side for this album.

Used Nanna's Nursery cardstock and Papermania Selection for the plain.

A mini version for Grandad Gerry :-)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Noahs Birthday

Plans are coming along for Noahs big day. I have made the centrepiece and a few more deorations and some bags for party treats to go in. I used the bags from Plantin cut at 12" using CDS to get them big enough for gifts. I also cut the main bag from Plantin but I made it huge showing only half of the design (so it didn't actually fit the mat on CDS) and cut 2 and joined them together to get a bag that would be very big and also cut patterned paper the same and layered that on to give it strength. I weighted it down with pennies so it didn't keep toppling over. The paper is Papermania Birthday selection, its not a very good weight paper so it needed to be layered onto cardstock to make the bags. I used Celebrations cart and "Nanna's Kids" papers to get the shapes for the "flower stems", Kaleidascope Designer software to make the cute Noah flowers, its a very cool piece of software and you can make various shapes using it, it is also great for making Christmas designs to hang on the tree.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Circus Time

Oh this is turning into a Saga, I had an idea and it has snowballed out of control. I have been working on it for 2 days now but I am quite pleased with it. It may be a bit fussy but for a small child I think it sort of works. I was buying ballons for the party and that progressed to a circus theme so out came the Paperdoll cart and away I went. I am also making a centre piece for the table so that will be posted here soon as well. I used ribbon to look like tent ropes but they have a vital role in holding it in place when its open otherwise it falls shut :-(. I think I might have slightly overdone the pompoms!!! but hey they are Clowns and they look so cute it had to be done.

I also made an Album for Claire to put some of Noahs birthday pictures in and I like this a lot. Thanks to Linda in Tidworth for the inspiration, she had made one at Christmas and it was beautiful so I had to give them a go myself.