Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Alternative to Alcohol Ink ideas

I am always looking for ways to save on buying new products and using the things I already have in a new way, for me that is.

I love alcohol inks and what they do, it took me a while to get used to them but now I am getting some good results. As you play you discover how inks etc work together and I have found some great effects by accident this way.

The first photo's show acetate which I have put Stazon or Permanent Marker on and I have put a brief description beside each to tell you how it was done. I am going to abbreviate some names to save on typing :-)

This is Permanent Markers (PM's)
dripped with Adirondack Mixative (AdMx)
PM'sSmudged with AdMxDabbed with Stazon Cleaner on a piece of felt or a tissue would do
Dabbed with Ad Mx
lightly stroked with St CleanerDabbed for a lighter colour
Stamped with what been taken off while dabbing the photo before
Using a swirl motion with felt on an applicator
This effect was made by painting lightly over the acetate with Stazon Cleaner first then dotting it with PM's, the wetter the acetate the better the effect
Dabbed with a tissue
Stamped onto the acetate with Stazon depending on how dry the background is affects how the image will appear this one was damp so gives a smudged effect then I went over again in green to give highlights
This one was dry so the image is a little clearer
Now for working on Dominoes. I used 2 types of PM's pastels and dark
I drew lines across this one then dripped very tiny drops of Ad Mx onto itthis was dabbed its given a nice marble type look This was very wet so I dotted more colour into it to get a brighter colourDabbed with felt on an applicator, it would be hard to tell this was not done with Alcohol Inks I think its so pretty
And these are done with Stazon Pads, use just an edge or corner to apply all over the domino in several colour then dab with felt or tissue
This one had cleaner painted over it then I used a dry brush to pick up colour from the ink pad and dabbed down onto the domino
This one was wet with cleaner and dotted with Permanent Markers
The drops came out to much here but by tilting it to make it run I got this effect
and then dotted with PM's to give more definition of some of the colours
**Versions of permanent markers can be found in cheapie shops
**Adirondack mixative is about 5.00 from craft stores
**You can use it to clean your dominoes or acetate if you don't like the effect and start again and to clean your brushes.
** Buy felt squares from Fabric shops and cut it yourself, its so much cheaper than buying precut packs
** Make an applicator with a piece of adhesive Hook & Loop fastening (Velcro from Fabric shop) stuck to a wooden block or the back of an old wooden stamp or even a small clear stamping block it sticks to almost anything.

thanks for looking


  1. Fabulous ideas, thank you for sharing. Great blog.

  2. Great ideas. Sharpies pens work well with this type of treatment. They are great for colouring peel offs too, and tend to be cheaper than "craft" pens. i am all for saving money, lol. I have a lot of alcohol inks already but am looking for non-smelly alternatives to the blending fluid. The inks last ages but the fluid is the most expensive bit for me.
    I love all the great ideas you come up with.xx


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