Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Canvas Art " Angels WIngs"

Good morning to all my visitors and thanks for visiting again.

Today I am going to attempt to explain how I made these Altered Canvases!

I love Altered Art as you know and am an avid fan of Craft Stamper where little gems like this appear on a regular basis so when I saw a pack of 6 canvases in the local cheapie shop it was my chance to have a go. Combined with my new fascination for metal craft I made these, hope you like them :-)

Start with your blank canvas and some PVA type glue (Anita's etc) begin to make your background texture. Items that are coloured don't matter as you will paint over the whole thing before you start the embellishing. I used bits of tissues, crepe type paper, string and webbing you can add anything you want squidge it all on with lot of glue so it is well stuck down. Move the paper around to make hills and bumps.

Here it is ready for painting
This one has now been painted (don't forget the sides) and I dragged an ink pad over to give highlights of colour to the raised parts. Don't forget to paint the edges and ink them if you want to.

I then start to add the textures by glueing on beads and other bits to give interest. Inks can be added by dragging the pad, using finger daubers, cotton wool balls or brushes.

Acrylic shapes (Tim Holtz Fragments ) are stamped and heat embossed with Versafine ink and clear powder to stop it rubbing off (Stazon didn't work for some reason)

I then added a light amout of colour to the back for interestThese are just part of a stamp but I wanted the Angel faces and words. These can be stuck on with Silicone, Glossy Accents or other clear glue.Metal embellishments can be added, these dragonflies were a bit bland so I inked them with Stazon to make them match the colour scheme and attached using a brad poked through the canvasWings next, some are Grungeboard shapes (or chipboard if you want) and some metal ones. Ink the grungeboard shapes and then clear emboss I used UTEE for a nice thick texture and sprinkled in soome colour and silver as I went to build up the wings. The photo is not too clear but they are now nice and shiny and have texture. All these elements can be added with Clear glues, silicones or Glossy Accents type adhesives.Metal wings, I cut these with my Indie Art Cartridge on my Cricut but they are a fairly easy shape to draw freehand. Turn them over and dry emboss to give a feather effect several light strokes are better than heavy so as not to tear or break the foil. The embossing creates this raised curved effect all by itself. I then used daubers to add a little colour with Stazon inks.This last set I dabbed with Pearl Alcohol Ink which gave them a feathery look, the Alcohol Ink has an effect of removing the colour from the metal, then embossed and inked as beforePlay with the pieces until you get the layout you like best then stick all the elements to the canvas and there you have it, Altered Canvas Art.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

been trying out Art Foil

I have always liked the craft I have seen made with Art Foil but I have always thought it expensive before. I got some from Kraft Krazy yesterday at a very good price so here I go "playing" again.

I used a couple of techniques with it, the first was a stamped image onto the foil which I then embossed over the top and inked with some daubers and stazon ink. This is ok but you have to emboss one side the turn it over to do the other if you want it to be embossed rather than debossed. I do like to sand it lightly though it gives some texture and changes the way the ink looks.
Then I tried to draw by imagination (well sort of) and used patterns to finish the edges which gives it a more finished look, once again lightly sanded and inked with stazon dragged over and smudged with kitchen paper to be a little less bright. I am quite pleased with these

The last set are put through the Cuttlebug, positioned so you get the part of the image that looks best. You have to watch our though as the foil is thin and on some it has cut through the foil so maybe a sheet of thick paper would help to stop this happening. I have again sanded and inked using more than one colour for some. The different colours of foil have changed the way the inks work in a good way. I backed onto black gloss card for a bit more impact.

These 2 are made from the leftover bits which cut into funky shapes worked welland these are the ones that the Cuttlebug cut through when embossing. You need to stick them to the card with Ultra Sticky DS Tape or UHU glue works well too.

Alcohol Inks

Well not so good here today a bit cold so a good chance to try out some Art Foil I got yesterday and some of the background papers I made with Alcohol inks.

I have some satin gloss paper which is very nice for brayer, alcohol ink etc techniques, nice and smooth but not so bulky as card.

I used various combinations and dotted striped and swirled till I had some pleasing results to make into ATC's. I just stamped onto them using Versafine as it gives a better image than my Stazon, don't know why but it just isn't black enough despite re-inking it.

Oh and the Sweetie Chocolate swaps for the Trimmie group, thanks Tracey for the images I was stumped for this swap till she came to the rescue with this paper :-) your a star