Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Background Techniques

These are some of the cards I made with my backgound papers.
(insert)(insert) I have several sets of Illusive Image Stamps but I have never got round to using them much yet. I saw a technique which uses lots of different stamps then you colour over them to make background papers and its so cool. Here is a little tutorial on how I did mine, hope you like it, its a lot of fun and gives fabulous results.

First you stamp a random selection of loads of the images.

Then I used a baby wipe to blot colour from the Kaleidascope pad over the whole piece of paper to colour it and this is what you getThese are Fancy Pants Stamps, very cool images. I used Distress Pads to colour these same as before with a babywipe, its moit so it helps to get a nice muted effect
This one is another set of Illusive Image Stamps again coloured as before
This half I did with the Adirondack inks similar colours but they dry faster
I made some background with watercolour paper for matting the wording on, the Aidirondack inks will work with water so I painted the colour all over for this effect then tried various inks for the image
This one is Adirondack with water washed overThis is Stazon, a clearer image with thisThis was Distress Ink which wasn't so goodI tore round it and inked the edges and added glossy accents to finish this topperRealised I had forgotton to do the edges of this card so I masked the image with a sheet of paper and stamped over the edges with the image to finish the backgroundI swiped the pad over watercolour paper and water washed for this background for the peacock cardand thats about it I think I have pretty much covered most of the ideas I have used but email me if I can tell you anything else
thanks for looking

Another try at Friendly Plastic

Don't like the sequins on this one :-(
This one is a bit "blobby"!!
Like this better, micro beads add a nice look but I still can't get this to go right so I am going to a tutorial to learn more about it, I hope it helps :-( lol


There are made with all the leftover bits after I had made cards with the backgrounds I tried out.
Stamps are from Illusive Images. Technique is in another post, words printed on my PC and a few gems and bits added to the whole thing to finish them off

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cards and Friendly Plastic failures

Well I nearly forgot my sisters birthday so Emily and I had a quick session and came up with these. Hers is the pink one, it has vellum but the photo doesn't really show it well. Fab effort from her.

O'k so they call this friendly plastic :-( I got in a right state with it, more practice definitely needed. The first lot got stuck to the foil so I did it straight onto my craft sheet. The plastic stuck to my pointy tool and its all a blurred mess!! The images and examples I have seen on the internet look so beautiful I am not sure where I went wrong. I will persevere and get there in the end. My friend Sue coming tomorrow and she has done a class so will be picking her brains :-)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Altered House

I got this from a show a while ago as I think they are just so cute. Its taken a while to decide what to do with it but here you go. I had a moment or two in the early hours as I am an insomniac as you may know.

I used Crafty Individuals Papers, extra strong d/s tape, metal, beads, silicone glue regular craft supplies, and some cute metal people.

I started by covering the house with the papers
Cut out the door
Covered the door shape with metal and embossed some details on then inked it lightly with Stazon

Did the same with the windows

Stamped some faces onto scraps of the papers and fixed behind the windows

Cut a piece of metal to cover the roof with a bit for tucking under, it holds just by folding round but I used D/S tape to be sure. I embossed the detail then went round again inside the line for definition, sanded lightly and secured to the roof section.

Lastly the little people, I coloured them with permanent markers and stuck on with silicone as they are raised so its the best for a good contact with the house. Oh forgot I made a wee crown to go over the door with a scrap of metal.

I covered the cover of the book with metal and hand embossed a name and some flowers, colour with Stazon and permanent markers and covered the inside pages with more of the papers. Think it will make a nice little pressie for someone :-) It would make a good house moving gift for a few photo's maybe