Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last minute Christmas stuff

I had such a hit with these last year I made some more for the friends who missed out last year. They are easy to do once you have gathered all the provisions you need. They look impressive but are a good gift as you can do them to whatever budget your pocket allows.

You need the following to make them-
  • Christmas (or other) Mugs
  • Candy canes
  • chocolate drink sachets
  • chocolate coins and sweets
  • Spoons (found these cute santa ones so added them)
  • tissue paper
  • good heavy cardstock for the boxes
  • cellophane - florists or online
  • ribbons, tags and pipe cleaners make excellent ties
for the box to package them Christmas - up some boxes you already have or use a simple base pattern HERE

I think I am being renamed the "Cellophane Queen" as its my favourite choice of paper to wrap gifts as it looks so festive and impressive :-)
Wrapped finished gifts
Tags made using my Cricut using the Snowfriends and Winter Woodland cartridges
Baby choices, sadly I couldn't get Christmas "sippy" cups and substituted Christmas bootees, gloves and toys for the drink sachets

My crafty head seems to be returning thank goodness and I need it to as I plan to develop my classes and tutorials for next year, what I planned for this house move all along. The dedicated craft room for classes remains a distant dream but I will use the resources I have and try to get started. Its nearly the end of another year, where has the time gone too? Its not been the best of years, what with the recession, a list of health issues etc. I won't be sorry to see a new one.

10 days to go :-) xx