Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Domino Book Tutorial

This is what I used to make this book:
Alcohol Inks
Ink applicator
Beads & charms
Paper and stamps
Superglue, Uhu glue
Versafine and Adirondack Archival InksGet your "handyman" (or do it yourself if your handy) to drill holes in the dominoes, the hole needs to be wide enough for your brads to sit in and deep enough to leave a small bit sticking out to tie the cord round
Ink the dominoes in your choice of colours and do the sides and inner edges of the back for where the paper doesn't quite cover them. Set them aside to dry.
Cut a strip of paper, mine is 12" x 1 7/8ths to be just smaller than the domino. Stamp with saying etc and then fold to approx 7/8th wide portions. You can add some rub-ons but nothing to thick or it won't look right when its closed as it will stick out to much.
Go back to your dominoes and stick the brads in the holes with Superglue and leave to dry, it doesn't take that long. Make sure you have a bit sticking out for your cord to wrap round
Take your domino (lay them flat side by side to see which is the front and back and with brads facing to outside edges otherwise you will stamp them wrongly) stamp your image with Adirondack archival ink you can keep this black (or other colour) image or you can then with a wet wipe rub away the stamped image to leave a white impression like this. The Adirondack ink removes the alcohol ink like a resist technique which I think is pretty cool. Do the back as well if you want to. You could go over the image with glossy accents too if wanted to make it pop forward more.

This technique is in Craft Stamper this month too. I also use it on colour metal as it strips the colour away and leaves the silver which looks nice.
Now glue the cord to the centre of the inside back domino and then glue (uhu) the paper concertina and front domino like I have shown here
Back cover, hold together or weigh down till the glue sets
Now wind the cord round the book using a figure of 8 round the brads to secure and then add beads, charms etc to the cord, secure with a knot. Your book is done.
"Cardmaker" this one is for you, hope you like it

Acknowledgements**There are versions of this to be found online and in books, this is my version. The closure idea is from Tim Holtz Altered Journey, the concertina idea was mine as I love them but others may have done it and TV Weekly The Craft Channel America did a version of a book like this but I think it was Stampboard Domino pieces.


  1. fantastic work of art.... I have just been lucky enough to be sent one, thank you so very, very much
    hugs rozzy xx

  2. Wow I really think this is soooooooooo cute! Might have a go myself.

    Jane :0)

  3. Love it thanks soo much Sandra

  4. WOW! WOW!its fantastic thanks so much ,i love it
    I'll have to have ago at this xx


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