Saturday, June 27, 2009

Easy boxes

Ok, so I love boxes, tins and other things you can store or present in. Its nice to have a quick easy way to make one for that last minute present so here I will attempt to explain the easiest one I know.

To work out the size of paper you need work out the size of the square your gift will fit into for example this one is for a bracelet I made which when laid on desk needed to be 2" square, then work out the depth, this was not a lot for the bracelet so decided on 1 inch high. So 2" +1"+1" =4" , easy so far. I have marked the lines on this paper to show but you don't need to do this when making them yourself. Now score 1" on all 4 sides once done your middle square should be 2". For the Top of the box cut a square of paper approx 1/4" larger so 4 !/4" piece this allows for the top to fit over the bottom. (sorry if this is a bit obvious)Now score from the corner to the fold line on all four corners as shown
Push this fold inwards and bring sides up to meet each other to form a neat crease, do this for all four sides. Now glue inside the triangle fold to hold them together and then glue that down to the side so they won't be in the way when you put the lid on.
You can press the folds with a bonefolder for nice crisp edges
Like this, hold in place with clips till they have dried. I suggest a liquid glue (UHU) as DS Tape often pops open. This photo doesn't look very good I added more glue and placed clips to the edge so they stuck flatter sorry about that :-(
and there you have your box (see those edges flat and tidy now :-) takes about 10 mins to make from any paper you have, double sided gives a nice look or you can wrap your gift with tissue. Hope you have a go at these any questions please email me :-)


  1. I'm loving your tutorials, thanks for sharing them!
    Louise x


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