Sunday, December 09, 2012

Craft Fair all done

Well it was quite busy but a struggle to sell things.   It really hit home how the recession has hit everyone and making them watch their spending.  I sold a fair'ish amount but not of the things I thought would be popular.  I really thought the fabric balls and cones would sell but didn't sell a single one :-(  Talking to other people there it was the same for them too.  Better have a rethink on what to make for next years fairs.

No sales :-(

no sales 
popular item 
The highlight of my day was my Grandchildren arrived
Although they did eat a fair amount of my but we discovered that when you have eaten the Candycane from the Mouse decorations, they make excellent finger puppets :-)
Noah captivated by a demo going on  in front of us
Merry Christmas x

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