Monday, February 11, 2013

Crochet and sewing detour

Have been taking a Craft detour this weekend finishing up some WIP's.  I had loads of balls of wool leftover from various project,s so knitted and crochet'ed them into squares to make a multi-colour lap blanket.  It's not finished yet but looking funky so far.  I must say putting the pieces together today kept me nice and warm with all the snow falling outside.  Just found Betsy curled up on it!! another conquest for her?   I think not, this is mine baby girl :-)

Using up some of the zillions of fabric off-cuts from SIL to make some new cushion covers as mine all looked a little sad.

And I wanted to try my hand at an Owl, he is a little wonky, but I am sure when Betsy gets her paws on him he will look a lot worse.  She has been watching his progress and thinks he is her's so I dare say she will win in the end!!
After all it's hard work this weekend my sewing machine has given up the ghost :-(   Damn and blast as I have a new Jelly Roll to sew up into a patchwork.  I had better visit the sewing machine doctor....

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