Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nearly finished

moving stuff in
Desk and Paper Store Gerry made me

Not finished but I had to try it out
It's been 5 years in the coming but I finally have a proper craft room/office
:-)  Gerry has worked so hard for me to have this room and his carpentry skills have come in very handy.  He made me the paper store ( I need  I can put some of the basics and current theme's there, the rest is in the craft cupboard. Two nice long shelves hold my machines and essentials.  Today he has put up the side table for my Cricut to go on and I put up the new curtains I made.  I still need some more shelves in the cupboard and some fine tuning needs to be done but I can use it now.  Tired now but tomorrow I will have a good old session to try it out :-)

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