Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sort of a Craft Room

My new paper tower built  by Gerry and the bargain 5.00 for two sets of mini drawers for inks etc that I picked up at a local car boot sale.  Now painted to match the walls.
 So here's the tale of how it all came about.  We thought we had an underfloor leak so stripped out my office and ripped up the floor.  NO leak!  turns out it was a portable radiator leaking all the time.  Grateful it was only that and not a major job.  

This led to a rethink on the room and with some re jigging.  I now have a proper craft corner rather than a chaotic dining room :-)  Gerry put me down an easy clean laminate floor and built me the paper store in the corner to hold some of my 12 x 12 and A4 boxes of paper and also put in some new power sockets for the Cricut and other tools.  

The sorting out showed me not only how much I had but renewed my craft "mojo" and I have a brain buzzing with ideas right now so watch this space :-)

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