Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter decorating

Gilded Goose egg and Easter rosette buckets
Well any excuse to make stuff and decorate is o'k with me :-)  Easter decoration's bring a touch of Spring colour even though outside it is freezing cold and snowing!!  I have taken some pictures of what I have put out in my house this year. There are some instructions and links.  
Cute little Spring Birds - Artwork by Claudine Hellmuth click the link to purchase the PDF file to make them.  A lovely lady and nothing was too much trouble for her when I needed some help. Other PDF's to buy include cute little houses and more check it out HERE 
Thank you Claudine you are amazing :-)
Used Papermania Signature papers "Blueberry Hill"

 My Easter Tree
Purchased ornaments and Butterflies I made with a Marianne Die

3 layers make them more fluttery
One of my Geese lay's me the most amazing eggs.  I  "blew" the inside out, hard work as goose egg is very gelatinous.  You need to use PVA type "size" as egg shell is porus to get a decent sticky base for the gilding flakes.  This measures 3 inches high without the stand (a napkin ring) amazing to look at and eat :-)

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  1. Sandra! I love how the birds turned out! They look fantastic printed onto the patterned paper!!


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