Monday, March 11, 2013

Organza flowers

How to make Organza/tulle flowers with your Cuttlebug/Grand Calibre etc, heat gun and brads, buttons or other center piece
Choose your fabric, rolls of tulle/organza can be purchased cheaply from florists and Ebay
Cut circles either by hand or using dies

Cut circles these are about 3" but any size will do it depends how big you want your flowers.  This size measures approx 1 3/4 to 2 inches when done

This is my old stamping mat but any foam could be used (watch out for fumes wear a mask or sit back)  Pin in several places to stop it moving and to save your fingers burning. Wave your heat gun over the edges, work fast or it will make holes!!  Practice makes perfect.  You can also do it with a candle flame if you don't have a heat gun.  Keep going till it ruffles as much as you want it to

Here I worked 3 layers at once which actually worked better
Single layers frilled.  Any holes may be hidden by other layers so don't worry if you get some

Finished flower with a crystal brad in the center, you could use buttons etc

You can use organza ribbon too, these will make smaller flowers  the bonus is it may be patterned to give extra interest to your finished item

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