Saturday, February 04, 2017

Huge Gingerbread House and Mitten Snowmen

It all started with some MDF shapes I purchased from Stamps Away.  Inside the pack was some really nice Gingerbread men.  I decided I needed a house to make a decoration with them and asked Gerry to make me a flatbacked house so I could decorate it for them to stand beside.  The trees and reindeer was also in the pack so I added them.  I used Polkadoodles papers, a lot of crystal shard glitter, pipe cleaners, gems, puffy paint, pearly strings of icicle shape beads  and patterned paper.  

Then I came across some sock and mitten Snowmen on Pinterest and had to have a go at them as they are so cute.  The hardest part was finding mittens in the colours I wanted.  I found plenty on Ebay but with a January arrival date :-( not much good to me.  I found these in Homebargains and B&M

I used, mittens, baby socks, compressed paper balls, rice for the filling to help them stand up.  Pompoms, sequins, beads, assorted foliage and cones, fleece for the scarves and for some of the hats.

I have since found lots of other things made from socks and mittens which I am going to have a try at making, they are very addictive and such fun to make :-) 

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