Monday, September 29, 2008

12 Days of Christmas Concertina Card


I wanted to make an extra special card for my parents for Christmas this year. I just got Joys Cart and I am into this 12 Days theme right now so couldn't resist these great images to use. It took a while to do but its not too bad. I would not use the Gold Mirror Paper again as its hard to stop it marking with any glue, glitters etc. The true colours have not photographed too well at all they are lovely CHristmas papers and true Christmas Reds and Greens but you can get the general idea.

Here is the cut file please try to work it out from these photo's as it would take ages to type it up


  1. Wow Sandra this is special your parents will be thrilled. So much love and hard work gone into it! really beautiful


  2. What a fabulous way to tell your parents you love them.


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