Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Paddington Slider Card

Its my friends daughters birthday so I thought I would use these free papers to make her a card. Here is a short idea of how its done.

Cut a sheet of 12" x 12" card in half and join them with a hinge of paper at the back so you have 4 6" pages in a concertina I also cut a plain piece the same way to back the card and hide the workings of the slider (don't stick this till you have done the sliding mechanism)I cut a slit 1" in from either side so its 4" long and 1/2" wide, cut a slit 1" wide in the side fold at the centre for the slider bar to go through
Cut a strip 6 1/2" long and if you want another smaller matted piece and glue together then slip through the slit as its shown above. Cut a small piece of card about 1" wide and mark a seam in the centre just under 1/2" Put glue on this small section only and stick to the slider decoration feed the end pieces through the slit and stick it to the slider strip, trim any excess. Make sure you have it the right way up its easy to put it on upside down :-( !! You can add text to the slider so it shows inside the slit

I cut a piece from the decorative paper and 2 mats with my Nestabilities, assemble as shown
Add D/S tape to the back avoiding the slit for the slider and for a smooth movement a piece either side of the slider strip and add you backing card to hide the workings.
Add papers and embellishments to complete the inner pages but remember not to put anything that sticks out to far near the slider or it won't move across the card.

I made a little pull out of some of the pictures and secured with a ribbon
Cut some more shapes to make a place to write a greeting, add stickles, gems etc for a bling factor and your done.


  1. Great card Sandra need to try this someday

    Your swaps are in the post and I am making your roundie tomorrow will send it on soon

    Hop you are well have not spoken to you in ages

    liz x

  2. That is so cute. And I love the purple. Thanks for the details on how to do it.

  3. this is great hun love all the effort you put in to letting us know how you make it.
    love cheryl xxx

  4. Great minds think alike, I think you have great taste in blogger background. check mine out to see what i mean lol, found you through trim craft.

    Great cards.


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