Monday, January 05, 2009

Circus Time

Oh this is turning into a Saga, I had an idea and it has snowballed out of control. I have been working on it for 2 days now but I am quite pleased with it. It may be a bit fussy but for a small child I think it sort of works. I was buying ballons for the party and that progressed to a circus theme so out came the Paperdoll cart and away I went. I am also making a centre piece for the table so that will be posted here soon as well. I used ribbon to look like tent ropes but they have a vital role in holding it in place when its open otherwise it falls shut :-(. I think I might have slightly overdone the pompoms!!! but hey they are Clowns and they look so cute it had to be done.

I also made an Album for Claire to put some of Noahs birthday pictures in and I like this a lot. Thanks to Linda in Tidworth for the inspiration, she had made one at Christmas and it was beautiful so I had to give them a go myself.

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