Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

I want to wish everyone who visits my Blog a very Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by, don't forget to be a follower and sign the posts and comment thanks.

January is a busy month for me with a multitude of Birthdays the most important is my Grandson Noah who is 1 on the 10th of January. I have been assigned as the party venue so I will be making a few decorations with my Cricut for the occasion so stop by and check that out.

It is also my nieces birthday so I have made her a dog card as she so wants one . It has a gift card to shop with. always a hit with children. I wanted to give him some texture so with a bit of fiddling I managed to emboss him on the Cuttlebug, not easy as he is large but luckily the texture disguised the folds I had to make to fit him through the machine! The inking is a bit heavy but I used that to make an emphasis on his paws etc and who can resist the Google eyes :-)
Some friends also have birthdays and for Sammy I have made a Starbook for her to keep a few pictures in, I am not keen on these colours but know she will love them. It started as a trial run for an idea I have for Noah but turned out well and it seemed a shame to bin it. Hope that doesn't sound bad but the end result is I made a present for a friend I am sure she won't mind it being a tester product. Only thing I am disappointed with is the crease in the front shape but I ran out of that pink so had to use it :-(

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