Monday, January 19, 2009

Foray into ATC's

I am fascinated by these mini works of art and a huge fan of Tim Holtz, fit and talented what more can you ask!!

Today I had a go at these little gems. I raided my boxes and drawers and found a multitude of bits and pieces that lend themselves to ATC art. I already had lots of Distress Ink pads so that was a help I like the Tim Holtz ones as they give you time to blend the colours. I cut some Glossy A3 cardstock into pieces as that is good for ink blending the shiny surface works well but you do have to allow a little extra time for drying.

(Click to enlarge)

I recently got some new stamps from Crafty Individuals and had some others already, I am very into nature stamps, trees, and leaves especially. I made 3 sets of cards today. The photo's are not very good as the light is bad so might try to update them in daylight.

Butterfly Series (available)

Journey (available)

Woodland (these now swapped)


  1. I really like your ATCs, especially the Woodland ones. I especially like the one with the orangey background, it is stunning!

  2. A wonderful collection of ATcs xx

  3. Hi Sandra,
    I couldn't get to this point before, i think Mr Blogger was playing up!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment you left, the chickens are coming on fine and all their feathers are starting to grow back :) We have other birds too....4 bantams and two Indian Runner ducks....they all get on famously with the three cats, so all is well.
    your ATC's are fab :) i've only managed a couple till now, but i could see they might become addictive...

    Carol x


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