Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Challenge entries

Altered Frame
Tissue Box CoverLeft over bits made into a notepad
Tissue Box Cover
Take a cheap placemat and measure according to your tissue box, cut the pieces and punch with a bind-it all along sides and the lid edges
Tie as you wish (I did lots of individual knots of string but you could use one piece and weave it round, remember to allow for any added thickness so your tissues will fit inside afterwards) with ribbon, paper string etc through the holes all round until its all together, remember to allow for it to move a little, I did the four corners first so it held its shape then did the rest after. I finished the edge with ribbon and flowers to hide any joins. Leftover pieces were used to make a notepad
Altered Frame
Adhere chipboard shapes to the frame. Using metal tape cover the inside edges and outer edges then cover over the shapes and burnish with a paper stump or your finger to show the shapes outlines as shown below

Now roughly colour with permanent markers
Using a cotton wool ball or felt applicator, put a puddle of Stazon Cleaner on your cutting mat and wet the cotton wool then dab it over to get the effect of alcohol inks, don't go to mad or it will all come off. Allow extra time for it to dry as its not so fast as alcohol inks when drying.

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  1. These are gorgeous, especially the frame, xx


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