Monday, July 06, 2009

Exploding drawers

I have seen these as kits but wanted to have a go without one from scratch with my own choice of papers, I made this from 2 sheets of double sided paper, K & Co Brenda Walton Sweet Talk collection, some strong glue, a score board and cutter

Cut - 4 x 5" squares, 1 x 5 1/4" square (lid), 1 piece 4" x 12"
Make the drawers as I did on the Easy Boxes score at 1" all round and glue as before
and the lid the same way. *** Mark the lid with a tiny dot or something so you don't glue it on as a draw as its slightly larger !***

When dry, position double sided tape as shown in the photo below and attach drawers making sure they will slide past each other.

I had to add a scalloped strip as there was a gap at the side but it looks nice, if that annoys you you could try cutting the squares about a 1/4" smaller :-( !!

I haven't done so but embellishments on the lid would be nice, maybe flowers etc depends how fancy you want it.
The drawers
Positioning for the DS Tape

For the observant viewers, yes that is different colour paper, I messed up the first one by dropping tea on it :-( ...lesson don't drink tea when crafting

Credit to You Tube for the idea I adapted to make this


  1. Wow, this is fantastic - and without a pattern too!! Well done, you.
    Louise x

  2. Well no pattern but saw similar idea seen here but I make my drawers differently as I dont like the cut edge ones. She gives measurements on this video but I still got a gap at the edge so must be the way I scored it
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