Monday, July 06, 2009

Time for some messy :-)

Ok I have done sensible stuff all day time for some messy :-)

I got one of the new Cuttlebug folders (not used here) and it got me thinking I haven't actually used it for a while so I did today, I used it for the cover of the Flap Folder book and then wanted to try this inking method that I have chatted about with a friend.

I used chalk inks, distress pads, kaleidascope etc. For the first pass through the machine I used it "neat" as there was still inks left I misted with water and went though again which gave a paler effect. I tried to stamp onto them after but its not so good because of the embossing but I think they would be good for backgrounds. I used my new Graphicus Stamps "Underwater", I can't find them on their website so they may be discontinued or just out of stock. I used some watercolour markers to fill in the stamped images to help them show a bit better.

Tip* put the ink on the side that says Cuttlebug as if you put it on the other side and there are words it will be back to front :-) obviously it there are no words its not important and you can go for emboss or deboss as you wish.


  1. Wow, that's looks like it was fun to do... great job.

  2. Fantastic work yet again Sandra xx


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