Saturday, October 17, 2009

No Mojo

As I have no craft photo's to show you I thought I would share this. Herbie takes up all the room on Satoris bed on a regular basis. Then Freddie joined in!!. Shows its true that men take up all the room in bed!! lol He truely adores his big doggie friend and spends ages grooming her, she has a bad ear and he is always cleaning them for her, how cute is that :-) I caught them mousing together the other day, a mouse had been brought in the lounge and got behind a cupboard, Satori was using her considerable bulk to move it so the 2 cats could get behind to get the mouse. Team work at its best :-) I now have a mixed up dog who thinks its part cat and 2 cats that don't know whats happening!!

I have ground to a halt. I have loads of new craft stuff but my minds gone AWOL :-( I sat down today and tried to make something but it went in the bin, so I made some background papers instead as that's easy!!

A set of stamps I got have a flaw in them, I thought it was me but there is a definite error in the pressing :-( shame as I really like them, hope Tracey has some more. Put all my Copic markers into alphabet and colour order today then my nosy (read as helpful) cat knocked the lot flying !! lol

I will accept that its just not my day and have an early night. Maybe tomorrow will be better and I will come up with a project worth posting
night night all

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