Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photo Album and a little house

How cute is this :-) My other half has been hiding away in his work shop the past 2 weekends playing with wood and tonight he brought this in for me. H e had to each individual piece then and sanded down. It was a kit that my friend bought from a carboot sale and is quite old. In those days I guess they made them for people who knew how to do proper woodwork, like Gerry does as his dad was a carpenter. I think he has made a fab job of it as its quite small and has lots of fiddly bits to cut our from a paper template.

He knows how I adore little houses and made me this one in "Real" wood complete with toadstools. I have been told to paint it to my taste. It has a hole in the top and when you post a penny it plays "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" How apt for my Come rain or shine Blog :-) xx Bless him

I will post a photo when I have adorned it.

The album below is for a friend who entered my giveaway but wasn't lucky so I made her this one instead. Now saying who as it would spoil the surprise. It has pocket pages and I have also made photo mounts to go inside.

I have left it fairly plain for her to embellish as she wishes. Hope she likes it.


  1. The house looks wonderful! Can't wait to see what colors you choose for it!

    And the album is BEAUTIFUL!! You do such wonderful work! Your friend is very lucky! :)



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