Thursday, March 26, 2009

been trying out Art Foil

I have always liked the craft I have seen made with Art Foil but I have always thought it expensive before. I got some from Kraft Krazy yesterday at a very good price so here I go "playing" again.

I used a couple of techniques with it, the first was a stamped image onto the foil which I then embossed over the top and inked with some daubers and stazon ink. This is ok but you have to emboss one side the turn it over to do the other if you want it to be embossed rather than debossed. I do like to sand it lightly though it gives some texture and changes the way the ink looks.
Then I tried to draw by imagination (well sort of) and used patterns to finish the edges which gives it a more finished look, once again lightly sanded and inked with stazon dragged over and smudged with kitchen paper to be a little less bright. I am quite pleased with these

The last set are put through the Cuttlebug, positioned so you get the part of the image that looks best. You have to watch our though as the foil is thin and on some it has cut through the foil so maybe a sheet of thick paper would help to stop this happening. I have again sanded and inked using more than one colour for some. The different colours of foil have changed the way the inks work in a good way. I backed onto black gloss card for a bit more impact.

These 2 are made from the leftover bits which cut into funky shapes worked welland these are the ones that the Cuttlebug cut through when embossing. You need to stick them to the card with Ultra Sticky DS Tape or UHU glue works well too.


  1. The cuttlebugged ATCs are great and although great on their own would also make outstanding backgrounds :-)

  2. These are amazing just love em and your blog

  3. these are beautiful Sandra, I would like to know a bit more about how you used the stayzon ink though, have got some foil in my stash but never used it yet x

  4. Loving the Art Foil, the ATC's look fab!

    Jane :0)


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