Saturday, March 21, 2009

Funky Chickens

I was looking at this wooden plaque i have in my front entrance porch and thought paper piecing, yes don't ask how my mind works!! I cut some shapes frm the Cricut and this is what I came up with they are quite cute but need work :-( (First picture is the plaque)

I have been busy making a special card for Wednesday so I can't post that yet or it might spoil the surprise but I am pleased with it. Keep a look out for that one :-)

I also made a few more roundies, well that does make a change - lol thanks for visiting, don't forget to follow my blog or sign the comments its nice to see what you are thinking of my efforts


  1. Wow I do love all these I will do my very best to send you a nice one back

    I really love the one you sent me but I don't stamp just make a mess how I wish I could

    liz x

  2. sandra these roundies are stunning - well done!!


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