Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Tracey

Here's a big birthday wish for Tracey at Kraft Krazy, have a great day I know you are at work but we will help you eat cake and hopefully make it a nice day. xx Oh its on Monday and you are stocktaking :-( well maybe Tony will make up for it by taking you for a nice slap up meal!!

I have been meaning to make a Word Book for some time and have started several but always binned them as they never seemed to go right. I decided rather than go for a book I would try for a Flag Book "style" on this one as it holds together better with papers that do not have the robust thickness for a book.

I cut the pages on my Cricut having designed it with DS Software first, cut file here you can change the letters to suit your project they are all designed to make a card approx 11inches x 6 inches this means you get 2 covers from one 12 x 12 paper but you can't get 2 word pages from them because of the edges on the mat, unless you make them a bit smaller. I used all the leftover pieces for the embellishments and tags I made to go in this card. Paper is K & Co Brenda Walton Sweet Talk Speciality Papers which is Double sided paper which is foiled, embossed and glittered.
  • I cut all the pages and embellishments first. Cut the 12" x 12" in half to make the front and back covers if it is too wide turn back the excess to make a pocket to pop a tag into and glue top and bottom to make the pocket.

  • Assemble the letter overlays and glue them all together and set aside to dry, I like wet clear glue it allows for moving things around when positioning

  • Cut a piece of card (I used a plain co-ordinating colour) to the height of the letters and long enough to make score marks at 3/4" all along to make a concertina fold for each letter, this took 8 concetina's 6 for the letters and 2 for the back and front cover

  • Lay it all out so you can see if you have enough concertina's (photo's show roughly how it should go together)

  • Glue each page to the front of the foldand the back cover to the last one

  • Decorate the pages adding flowers ribbons etc

  • When you pull the card open the concertina will splay to show the name in full or you can turn the pages like a book (see my post Flag book or this video for more options of assembling these, same principle but only one "tag")

  • Make a box for the card - cut 2 pieces of card the size of the card, allow for depth of concertina plus sides. Mine was 2 sheets of A4 card. Score down all 4 sides at 1/2" in from the edge. To make the top scor a fraction larger so the top will sit over the bottom without bending the sides in.

  • At the corners where the fold lines cross cut up to the corner and then fold inwards and glue to make the sides and hold with a paperclip till dry. Use wet clear glue (UHU is good)
And thats how you do that. If you need any help or have questions please contact me and I will try to help


  1. Oh it's breathtaking! How lovely, I bet Tracey will be thrilled.

  2. Very nicely done! I love it! Great job!!


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