Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ring Bound Albums

I found these in a cupboard when I was having a sort out, badly needed as my craft stuff was in Chaos after Christmas. I spent a whole day sorting out my papers and labeling them so I can now find what I need :-) then I started on this cupboard and found items I had forgotten buying, no wonder I spend so much money. I can't find what I want so buy more then discover I have several :-( Still I am feeling quite pleased with myself now as its much better.

The first Album is of my Ducklings when I got them and a progress of them growing which was only about 10 weeks from cute little fluffy babies to big Aylesbury Ducks who I adore. You can never be sad if you have Ducks, they just always make you smile, they are born comedians.
These both have boxes I made to store them and keep them dust free, I like making boxes its just envelopes that have me stumped :-( I make no apologies for calling my "Drakes" Charlie and Francis it just had to be done, lol

The second is of my small pets the guinea pigs, sadly Squeek is no longer with us so I had a few tears looking at this one as he was a real character, a house Guinea, litter trained and he liked to be with my (also departed) cat Billy. Yes I did make him a Christmas hat and he did wear it for the picture its not impossed :-) How sad am I hehe

Lastly is a concertina book of my Goslings as little ones, adorable Fizz and Fozz are now big "Kids" and had a family of their own last year

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