Saturday, April 04, 2009

Roundies & Noah's Art

Ahh bless him my OH made this for my Grandson, just wanted to share it, got to start them on the art early so he made him a chalk board and a huge Connect 5. If it falls on him lord help us as its huge and weighs a ton but I am sure he will have fun with it. I cut the words on my Cricut with Vinyl I had leftover from signwriting the van. He has spent ages making this and cutting the circles from wood and painting them for the game, he is funny but it kept him out of my way lol
Made these the other day but not had a chance to post them.


  1. Just plain gorgeous! Wow they are lovely.

    Love the giant connect 4!

    Jane :0)


  2. Your roundies are fab Sandra and I love the idea of the dual purpose chalk board and connect 4.Your grandson is sooo lucky,I had to make do with the regular versions of both hehehe.
    Take care
    Sam x


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