Monday, April 06, 2009

Fabric and Canvas

Well what a great time we had today and the mess we made was unbelievable but you can't have creativity without a bit of mess!! My friend came round and shared a technique with me and we just pushed it to the limits with our own slant on it. Then we tried some other odd bits and pieces and the results are really quite pleasing.

First we used cotton fabric, it has to be a natural fabric or it won't work as the heat will melt synthetics. We had some pieces from an old white cotton t-shirt so you really can recycle for your craft.

First with a variety of colours we dabbed on acrylic paint any old how to make a background. While the paint was wet we started to add and build it up with an assortment of embossing powders in toning shades with a bit of metalic to add sparkle and while it was still tacky threw a bit of glitter on.

Then we stuck on fibres, beads and in my case a puzzle piece as I like these, embossed as before in a previous post. She had also made some rubber paper embellishments (the feathers) very cool not seen this stuff before but its flexible and you can sand the edges to smooth. This is the result, its quite a firm piece with all the thickness added due to embossing, it could be used to make a book cover, ATC, all sorts depending on what size fabric you start with the sky's the limit with this.

Flushed with the success of this we then moved on to canvas and did similar processes to get a nice little work of art. I used an assortment of metalic acrylic paint to cover he prepared canvas I had done a few days ago, dabbing to make a glitzy effect.

I painted the paper face with acrylics and stuck it on with silicone as its not very flat.

The clock face is made with a foam circle, the type you use to stop furniture marking wooden floors!! I inked it a little then stamped it with versafine and added a Tim Holtz clock hand.

The Dragonfly is an acrylic fragment inked and embossed with pink, lilac and bronze powders and a bit of UTEE for the texture, also stuck with silicone.

Finally from the same pack of floor protectors we had some cork "feet"which I inked and UTEE'ed then while it was still hot stamped into it with versamark and to "pop" the shape forward I used Sakura glaze pen. Not sure what I will use these on yet but they will make handy little embellishment and all for a few pennies.
So raid your other halves wardrobe for old t-shirts lol and when you are in the cheapie shops keep your eyes peeled for odd little shaped "doo dads" as you never know how you can Alter them :-)
Have fun


  1. oh wow you have had a real good old play sandra!! wish you were closer!

  2. I don't know what you are doing, but it looks like fun to me....

  3. Lokks as though you have had great fun..great work. I love making messy crafts too ;-)

  4. Fantastic work Sandra. Love your blog. Thanks for all the very useful information and great pics.
    I hope to give it a go when I have caught up with all my "must dos".
    Love, Mayxx


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