Friday, April 17, 2009

Nurture Talent

I had the pleasure of a day with my Niece Emily yesterday as her school is not yet back after the Easter break, so she was able to spend the day with me. We take as many opportunities as we can to get together to make things but sadly not as often as I would like.

She had good imagination and doesn't need very much input from me at all and we do little challenges, I provide a selection of items and she sees what she can make with them and I must say her craft is brilliant, she is just 12 so watch out for her at this rate she will be on the TV doing her own shows. She is also making her own scrapbook and her layouts are brilliant.

She wanted to have a try at the canvasses and these are her finished pieces, adorable. I love the little shrink plastic mermaid hanging pieces, something I never got round to adding to mine, they are lovely, well done Emily you made a fab job of these. She made me laugh while she was doing them, I guess we all get that moment of horror when they start to shrink but they turned out great. She stamped them with Stazon and coloured with Sakura pens and for the canvas added loads of embossing powders and a little glitter. These are typical of her style of working, subtle shades and not so overdone as mine :-) such restraint for one so young!!


  1. I agree,she is a very talented young lady. But she has you teaching her, how can she not be. Tell her I think she did a great job.

  2. absolutely fab sandra, shes taking after you!
    please go and look at my blog there is a surprse for you x

  3. She made a great job of this, certainly talent to be encouraged :-)


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