Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scrap paper re-cycled

I usually throw all this in the bin but you see all these popular people on TV doing techniques and using up their bits so I thought I had better too.

This soggy mess was after my dark spritzing, I randomly sprinkled loads of different colour embossing powders on and heated it up
This is what I got from itI used a few sections of it as mount pieces to make these ATC's, also used free papers from a magazine, gems from poundshop, and my bits of altered cork This was the mask I used to make the frame for the A4 collage, I just spritzed it all over with cosmic shimmer mist in the pale blue
I stamped "Woodware" Little Mermaids on and used some H2)'s to colour them a bit more, I can't do faces :-(
Then decoupaged onto the piece of cardboard I have inked, heat embossed and coloured.This is the board just boring white corrugated, sprayed, embossed and inked with distress ink. I used a plastic bag scrunched up to use excess ink lifted from the craft sheet to add more colour round the edges.
Not the best art in the world but it was just for fun
Now any ideas of how to recycle these!!! LOL. I strongly recommend gloves with Adirondack Inks they are a pig to get off your hands :-(


  1. lovely sandra
    i am always like that with dyed hands! usually red or pink and sometimes yellow so i look like i smoke 60 fags a day !!!

  2. You love getting Messy Sandra
    My house is messy enough but u will persude me yet!

    Liz x


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