Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bargain Stash & Flea Market

Oh, before I start on about my bargain a little reminder for those local to me, Kraft Crazy in Tidworth has its Flea Market this Saturday, 22nd August, so pop along and grab some bargains!! Pre-owned stamps and much more to be had along with Traceys usual fab range of craft stock

Went to In-Excess today and got all this for under 15.00!! Only have stores in the South of UK so unlucky anyone else, they do have an online shop but these are a one of so not listed in there, although there is a lot of other craft stuff so maybe worth a visit especially at these prices. 1.50 for a set of large wood PSX alphabet stamps, can't be bad :-) Sculpey clay 95p for a pack of 6, ink pads 50p, wood alphabet/numbers sets 50p a set. They also have a huge range of Toppers etc starting at 10p.

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  1. thats brilliant Sandra - I hope to see them put to use though!!! I know you and putting stuff away - never to be seen again!!


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