Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stress Buster

My "Mojo" has deserted me of late but I wanted to do some stress busting and what better than a nice messy session. I got myself a wad of paper, just normal copy paper, a can of shaving foam and some re-inkers and away we go.

-Get a baking tray or similar
-put a thin layer of foam on
-drop chosen colours of inks in a random manner
-swirl about with the end of a paintbrush, lolly stick etc
-lay your paper down onto the surface and press all over to get an even coverage
-Lift off of the foam and use a spatula to scrap of the foam
-rub over with a tissue to remove last bits and voila marbled paper

The results of the green and yellow trial, no 2 are the same and you never know just what you will get. Some are great some not so good but its fun and leaves your hands and paper soft and smelling nice. :-)
Tried using alcohol inks for some metalic colour but it didn't work, also glossy paper was not such a good result as the normal paper. click the picture for a closer look some look better close up some don't!! lol but its all good very clean fun. Well apart from my stained hands.

Warning this is fun but addictive you have been warned!

If you want to get some textural inspiration look to nature. I found this wasps nest (inhabited!!!) in one of my stables and the colours and texture of it is just amazing, you def need to click for close up on this one. I did make a hasty exit though as the wasps weren't so impressed with me taking the photo.
Also the centre of this Sunflower I grew is just gorgeous, like its been done with a Spirograph for those who remember those toys :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing the your fabulous marbling technique!
    Louise x

  2. Fantastic, love the effects but i daren't try this i would get more on me and the furniture LOL
    Sandra xx

  3. Wow! Thank you for fantastic tutorial!!!!


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