Monday, October 29, 2012

I love Pumpkins (recipe)

 Well I managed to get all my Halloween gifts sorted out yesterday. The treat bags are stuffed, cards written,  the pumpkin lantern is made and the insides of Mr Franky are cooked up ready to make some 

Pumpkin Muffins

  • How to do them: scoop out pumpkin insides discarding the seeds and stringy bits. You can wash and toast the seeds as a snack they are delish but it's a bit tedious taking the shells off.
  • put the flesh, 2 tablesppons of water and 2 tablespoons of sugar in a bowl and microwave for 6 mins or until softened, stir a couple of times while it's cooking.
  • Mash the cooked pumpkin or blend in a processor. You can now make muffins or freeze it for later in a poly bag. or Buy a tin of prepared Pumpkin from Waitrose!
Muffin Ingredients
  • Divide your pumpkin into 2 equal amounts and find a cup that one amount fits in to fill it, this will be your measure for the other ingredients (you can use shop bought measure cups if you wish just follow that rule)
  • put into a mixing bowl,  the 2 "cups" of pumpkin, 
  • 3 cups of plain flour
  • 2 cups of sugar, I prefer brown
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of each of the following spices, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice or just use 2 teaspoons of Mixed Spice.
  • 2/3rd's of your cup of sunflower or vegetable oil
  • 3 eggs (beat before adding to the mix)
Mix it all together, put into muffin cases, sprinkle with a little sugar for a crunchy top (I use crushed sugar cubes but regular is fine)  and cook for about 25 mins at 180cent, 350 farenheit or Gas 5  
EAT :-)
they will freeze in a plastic bag or box, reheat for a little while after defrosting to freshen them up


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