Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New online shop and page

I have had a mouth abscess for a couple of days which is slowing me down too.  I look a bit like a Hamster right now and will be glad when it goes.  One of the dangers of eating fresh French bread, be warned those sharp crumbs are nasty :-(  Sorry nothing new again today as I have been making some Halloween crafty bits for gifts,  but I can't post yet as it would spoil the surprise, but I will put photo's up after the weekend.

Also I have been trying to get some ideas of what to make next as I was told I am having an online shop to sell my "makings"  I am not sure they are good enough but my daughter says they are and is setting it up for me.  Shop is rather a grand name as I won't have a zillion things, only individual pieces.

It has a Facebook page and I will link it to the shop when it's all up and running.  If you would like to go and show support by "like'ing" I would be very grateful for the support :-)

Be safe and thanks for calling by

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