Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Waste not want not

Well after a Gale last night its a beautiful day, I thought the roof was coming off at one point!!  Today is now the perfect Autumn Day.  I had a colour therapy done once and the clothes and make up choices I was advised are all Autumn colour's so maybe that is why it's my favourite season.

O'k,  I had a whole load of pieces of Halloween double sided Designer papers left over from all the albums I have been making over the last week or two.  They are not really of a size that will be usable for most projects but too lush to be discarded.   I have been hoarding, stroking and smelling them for some time  but when it comes to using it's like making a sacrifice :-(  I am sure you will be with me on this one?  It's a Craft thing :-)

So I thought weaving!  and here is what I made and a couple of projects using the pieces afterwards.
Too good for the bin
Cut into strips, mine are 6"x 1/2"  but whatever suits your scraps
Put tape on one piece then add strips going down in a random fashion.(I Used purple to show up but it doesn't matter)
Add your "down" strips weaving in and out for the pattern Sorry if this is obvious!
Add some card to the back to hold it together and trim to a neat shape
Voila it's done
A couple of cards made using the woven pieces, I think they make great layers.
Thanks for looking. x

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