Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dabbling in jewelery

I don't mind that there are air bubbles in this as it adds to the moon effect :-)
O'k so I do not profess to be a jewelery maker but I enjoy dabbling in it from time to time.  My eyes are so poor I find seeing the small parts hard and also my fingers don't work as they used to.  Old age creeping up on me :-(  I figure if it's fun, have a go
The first few pieces are made with UTEE, mica, beads and various findings.  This Moon keyring is for our event in August, a little Memorabilia to sell to the ravers

pendants to be made up into necklaces. clear utee with gilding flakes added
Biscuit cutter is used to make these pendant pieces in utee, poured onto Texture Treads for the pattern and then brushed with mica powder.  They are made up onto Memory Wire pieces

This is a Dove, mayne not a good camera angle
Friendly Plastic with beads added, I used the comb dragging technique for these to get the feather effect
My first pair of  Mystic Moon (c) earrings, bit fiddly these as the parts are so small

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