Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Fabric baskets

First attempt and my favourite so far, well it is pink

A deeper pot for make up brushes

This one would not go together so well I think I had the strips too wide and the stitches too loose
Ironic the inside looks better than the outside

Unfinished bowl it needs a few more rounds and some fine tuning as it looks wonky!

 Too cute is the only way to describe these little fabric dishes/baskets.  I found lots of tutorials on these and I am hooked!!  It is a great way to use left-over Jelly Roll strips and other scraps. I am still learning and I am hampered by an ancient sewing machine that keeps snapping threads but I am having fun with these.  I think I need to save up for a new machine when I have bought my car some new tyres :-(

I love the way you can alter the shape and sizes by tilting the sides.  It's just like drawing with fabric.

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