Sunday, April 07, 2013

First Melt Pot projects

So exciting that my Melt pot arrived today.  I couldn't wait to get going with this but it was late evening before I got to it :-( I managed to make a few pieces and no burns so far, guess watching Hels Sheridan and her advice worked as I tested them with a stick not my  I will be glad when the final part of my order arrives as it has the craft mat and Texture Treads in

I just need to find a UK shop that has some UTEE left as I can't get any anywhere :-( guess this technique has taken over this week and the shops have had a bumper sell out of their stock.  Did manage to find a store with project pans though so I can use my Beeswax, another item that has been around since the year dot waiting for a project. 

 I just found out you can use the Melt Pot to set clay and my supply of Friendly Plastic, ideas HERE  more of my impulse buys!
First attempt - grapes, I love this mould and it came out so well. I am amazed at the detail, just need to sand the edges to get a cleaner finish and maybe add some mica powder
I used up a load of my old embossing powders that I don't like when stamping, the colours just don't work.  It was perfect for trial runs of these though and I can save my precious UTEE till I can get some more.  I did this on a Graphicus grey rubber stamp and cut with a scalloped cutter.  Rubbed over with green perfect pearls
Pale pink, lavender and white embossing powder and cosmic shimmer  Amethyst Mist Cosmic Shimmer crystals melted and poured into a Ranger Memory Frame.  Dusted with pink and white perfect pearls.  I set some mini beads into the mould before pouring onto a Graphicus stamp again, part of the Peacock set. Pink suede thong to hang/wear
I love the fact that it stays inside the frame and doesn't seep out of the edges, how clever is that!!  Very well behaved for a liquid :-)

The leftover mix poured onto a text stamp and cut out to make another necklace.  Dusted with green mica powder and put on a suede thong
Hope you like my first attempts and no fingers were harmed in the process :-) and I am getting to use stuff I have had for ages but never use.

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