Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gardening break

Wow SUN!!!  I had to get going on the place this weekend.  After the winter it all looked a little derelict :-(  I have mown, cut trimmed and tidied for England this weekend, with a place the size of ours it looks like a drop in the ocean but at least I have made some in-roads.  Sorry, lord that sounds so pretentious  believe me it's nothing special just loads of it :-(
Gerry has re-fronted his workshop and made new doors, don't they look swish.  He even painted them, I would point out he is not allowed to paint indoors as he gets it   Bless him:-)

Greenhouse ( derelict shed actually) ready for plants and tomatoes etc. Front garden, well a bit of it, looking more presentable.  I have a lot to do but a new stash of goodies arrived so trying to share time between out and indoors.

I can get into the chicken house again, it was feet high in brambles and weeds before :-(
My war wounds from the brambles...ouch
Paddock not to bad yet, give it time!

Planted 17th April
Today 23rd April, I love my utility for getting seeds going it gets so warm, better than the greenhouse this early in the year

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