Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Under water

This was triggered by a find of a box of seashells I discovered.  I  thought of doing a fishy theme but racked my brains about the fish till I remembered a mould I had bought years ago with an underwater theme.(click photo to view larger pictures)

How I did it
  • A 7" x 5" canvas, painted in Gesso first then dabbed with sea colour pearl paints, sea green, turquoise, pale blue and yellow
  • Sprinkled while wet with assorted glitters and mica for a sparkly look
  • Fantasy Fibre and Fantasy film cut into slithers and heated to make them bubble a bit to make the Seaweed, Fibre was twisted and heated with a heatgun to make them fuse together for the thicker seaweed
  • Fish made with UTEE - see below
  • Lots of shells stuck on and some brushed with mica to bring out the colour
  • Other embellishments and a hanger on the back and it was done
Tiny crab punched from Fantasy Fibre on the shell
The fish and starfish are made with UTEE and my Melting Pot.  I used clear UTEE and added yellow and orange mica powder,  I brushed them with seagreen after turning they out to show up the fishy details and added a gem for the eyes.  It looks better in real life, the gems look a little odd in the photo but they do work when not being lit by the camera flash.
A metal charm that I found during my rummage with some fluffy fibre to tie it on
An embossed washer with a Ideaology cog stuck on to resemble a ships wheel
Cute crab
Starfish details done with mica powder
Fish behind the seaweed

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