Friday, November 06, 2009

Folded Album and Fab New Stamps

I love this fold its just so easy and makes the most delightful mini books cards and albums. This is for my mum to put some Christmas Photo's of Noah in, my Grandson her Great Grandson!!

I saw these stamps advertised and demonstrated and I think they are just amazing. You get outer edges and inner circles which fit onto a special stamp block and with the ability to mix and match you get a fabulous selection per pack. This has 4 outers and 4 inners which gives 16 different options, now that great value for money. They are from Once upon a stamp called Just Rite find them here. The beauty of them is that apart from those features they are also designed to fit your Nestabilities, how cool is that. They stamp beautifully, wonderful clear images with fine lines and some fantastic sentiments too. Check them out.I went for a large set which includes the quality wooden stamp block and another set of the same size to go with it as it works out cheaper that was to get the wooden blocks. You will be seeing them on a few projects that are coming up. Gosh they need to give me a job with this advertisment I have done!! no I don't work for them, honest I just think they are great quality stamps :-) The stamped images are from the extra set I bought and coloured lightly with Copics ready for a card project.

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  1. I've never seen a stamper like this one, what a good idea!


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