Saturday, November 14, 2009

Noah's gone Buggy :-)

Noah's first ever Christmas Cards, great use of colour and stickers Mr Holtz eat your heart out :-)
My adorable Grandson loves to play with Nanna's "Stuff" he is quite taken with the Cuttlebug and has his own set of dies, the train, animals and a few others. he isn't quite doing the paper piecing yet but I am sure it won't be long. At the moment he seems to prefer to eat the glue stick!! I can see a new Tim Holt in the making .

He is doing very well and has made his first 3 Christmas Cards, way to go little man :)


  1. aww Sandra, hes a budding crafter, will take after his granny x

  2. too darn cute, my grandson, although a bit older (7), loves my cuttlebug as well. He comes to my shop every day after school and just loves to emboss and cut anything he can get his hands on. He saves them all and says they are his treasures! He loves the cricut too and would vinyl everything he could if I would let him! I think they are never too young to instill a love of crafting!


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