Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wire Jewellery

I have been making some more pieces today with my knitted wire tube. The only problem I have is my wrist is now agony because of my arthritis :-( This is why I can only do short sessions of fiddly work but silly me has been beading for hours and now I am regretting it. Sorry little moan there!!

I love these Tibetan spacer beads they are so nice and have slightly larger holes, that is the only downside of this wire(the wider ones) is that you needed larger holed beads for it to go through. Pandura Beads would be great but at 1.99 a piece they are too expensive but they do have large holes which would be great for the wider wire and for a special piece are ideal.

The first is just on memory bracelet wire, the second is 3cm wide wire- a choker with clamps on the ends they work very well with this. The third is 2cm wire, I used a bell end lobster claw chain on this to hide the ends (use jewellery cement or superglue to fix it inside the bell as with end caps) The last is 1cm wire with the beads inside the wire, fiddly to do but quite effective.

You can get this wire at Stitch and Craft this link is for the thinner ribbon type and also different widths from Wires they have rolls of it and it is a lot cheaper but they don't have the thin ribbon one yet. They do have a 1cm version but I am not sure how it compares to the ribbon from Stitch and Craft. If you want to see more about this look at the Italian company site Menoni who make it and here for a tutorial about using it.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love, love the purple one, really unusual.

    Jane :0)


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