Monday, June 22, 2009

No Crafting :-(

Its a bit mad here right now. I am playing host to a "Rave" this weekend!!! Don't ask!!!

Its daughters idea to raise her profile in the record industry as she has a small studio and is a DJ. I am being invaded by a large group of ravers for a Camping, Music, BBQ and Pool party which I was assured wouldn't mean me doing a thing apart from lending them the land. I get the feeling I may have been fibbed to :-( .....will let you know after the weekend if I was right. I have already been earmarked as chief babysitter (nothing new there then) and had a request to get the tractor out and just give the paddock a quick once over!! Yeah right it takes a couple of days to do that and thats if the tractor is working, but its not as someone (me) broke it :-) lol oh dear silly me. I suspect that I may have a large amount of clearing up to do after as well and quite a few trips to the recycling centre.

I have loads of new "toys" but no time to play unless I do without a few hours sleep which I may have to do as these new stamps are just so cute :-)

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