Monday, June 08, 2009

Sorry no posts

Sorry there has been no new craft stuff here for a few days but its been a horrid week. One of the baby goslings was killes by a rat :-( One of the few downsides of keeping livestock is rats are unavoidable.

Plus Mr Fox has been a calling and has so far taken about 8 birds, in broad daylight he is very brazen and fearless and nothing puts him off so I am hiring a "hitman" if he doesn't leave us alone soon.

The worst loss was of Charlotte my crazy mischievious duck, if there was naughtyness going on she was the ring leader and always made me laugh with her cheekiness. I think it was her naughtiness that was her undoing as she ventures into the cow field and the summer grass is so long it gave Foxy the perfect hiding place to stalk her down.

(Charlotte is at the front of the photo)
I hope to get my crafty head back on and try out some of the new stamps and items I have bought over the past weeks, so far all they have done is warm the craft room shelves!!

Call back soon


  1. oh no!! poor duckies and baby gosling! flippin pests! can u not do anything??? (hit man - maybe thats the answer)

    poor you sandra, it would bother me too much to find that to be able to keep them!

    chat soon huni xxx

  2. Yes defintely call the hit man...

  3. You are doing the right thing Sandra ,i couldn'y keep livestock as it would be too upsetting for me ,please let us know how you get on xx

  4. I empathise totally. We keep chickens and next doors have ducks, geese and chickens, so as you can imagine Mr Fox loves pottering about. Beautiful photo...I'd LOVE to keep a little duck- I can watch them for hours.


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