Monday, June 15, 2009

Knitted wire

Well here is just one of the afore mentioned "must try" things. Knitted Wire, how fab is that and you can buy it pre-made ready ro use so no waiting while you knit one purl one :-) I am no expert jewellery maker so apologies to those looking and thinking how I should have done it. These are my first attempts at it, warts and all :-(

It comes in fab colours and a variety of widths from 1cm wide stuff that feels like fabric it is so fine to 10cm wide that you can open up to surround jars, glasses etc to make ornaments and jewellery alike.

The piece above is with a 3-4cm wide ribbon of wire with a magnetic closure and a pretty pearl/foil bead. It lays well when worn and is light and not scratchy at all. The magnetic closure is a must as its so much easier to put it on, no more struggling with Lobster Claws or similar that I always have to get the OH to fasten, Oh joy I can now dress myself!!

This is 3cm wide wire which normal beads ( slightly larger holes needed) can be threaded onto and then the bits between fanned out to make a nice effect. Because it is wire you can twirl the end to a reasonably fine point making it easier to poke through the bead holes

This is the ultra thin one plaited, again a magnetic closure, no more one handed fumbling :-) and a string of beads wound round it and joined and hidden into the end caps. This needs a little fine tuning, I think it would have been better woven into the plait when it was being done rather than trying to add it after.
I have still to try methods which involve putting beads inside the wire tube etc so watch out for those if I get them right.


  1. Great first attempt. I love this stuff! I have done a plaited necklace on my blog, check it out.
    Its fab to try new things isnt it?

  2. ohhhh wot fab ideas Sandra I feel the need to get my knitting needles out again,and knit some more wire! thanks for another whiff of inspirationxx

  3. this is a brilliant first attempt hun love the beeds and the colours too love cheryl xxxxxxx


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