Monday, June 15, 2009

Rambling on

Just going to have a ramble of thoughts right now.

  • Blogs - I think blogs for crafts and things like this need to be a bit like a comic, less words and more pictures. I think most people like to see ideas of what to make, I know I do. Tutorials are great as there can be nothing more annoying than seeing a project and trying to work out how it was done. There are no new ideas just ideas done a different way which have evolved through "play" so trying out other peoples projects are in my opinion a compliment not a theft. Go to any craft session and give 10 people the same selection of items to work with and I bet no two are the same. It is how we interpret what we are given that makes it "Craft"
  • Shopping - Do you "shop to craft" or "craft to shop", I am the latter, I see crafting as another excuse to buy "stuff". I hate general shopping like clothes, food etc but they have to be done, there is nothing better than going to cheapie or charity shops and seeing a bargain that can be made into something else.
  • Things - I see everything on the shelf as a potential art project, my family ask me what is it going to be when you've finished with it as very little remains unsullied by inks, stamps or decoration. From plants pots in the garden to a tin heading for the recycling I am sure there can be a use for it. Remeber "think outside the box" (or tin, jar........)
  • Compulsiveness - My worst trait, whatever it may be from pretty craft papers, ribbons and stamps to books etc if I find something I like I have to then get everything in that collection, by that author or colour range it may come in. I can't resist it but I think I am not alone!!
  • Sniffing - No not dangerous substances, "papers" there is no better smell, well apart from fresh baked bread, than the smell of a new pad or pack of papers. As a child the smell of a new book on Christmas Morning was almost as good as the smell of the Turkey cooking and everytime I smell paper I am taken back to those innocent times when all was easy and stress free. The potential of those pristine smooth sheets of yummyness and the joy of taking it out and stroking it, smelling it and then carefully storing it away for another day... NO you must not use it, its to be cared for like a loved friend, you buy cheaper stuff to use unless its for a very special person. When this happens you must say sorry before cutting it and use every last millimetre of it. Always keep a paper bag to hand for tearing techniques in case of a panic attack!!!
  • Mess - OH the joy on the day I discovered that the world would not grind to an end if I didn't hoover and polish every inch of the house but spent it making things to give to others, be it a card or decorative item I can now do it guilt free. I can now leave my table complete with craft things overnight to return to the following day without nightmares of cleaning monsters bemoaning me for my tardiness.
  • More Mess -Stained hands, there is no shame in going out with odd colour hands, after all its joyful suffering in the name of Art
  • Jack of all trades - Yes I guess that is me. I love to try new things (see above re "craft to shop") Magazines and You Tube are of course to blame they show us all of these wonderful new products and techniques and it would be rude not to try them. I now have a series of projects on the go, from needle felting, all that wonderful wool in fab colours, Metal Art, oooh it needs a purchase of more tools inks and other doodads, Beading, well it was that great article on using knitted metal wire that brought my bead box out of hiding but of course the thousand beads and fixings in there were not the right ones so more had to be hunted down and purchased :-( Friendly Plastic, Paper Clay, Ink sprays, etc etc the list goes on but I won't bore you.
I will put all these things here on my blog as I get to finish them unless of course there is another thing I must have a go at in the next magazine :-)

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